Department of Clinical Sciences

Full Name of the Head of Department

Associate Professor
Contact Number : 38320041-083
Room: 323

لیست اساتید به همراه مرتبه علمی

 Ehsanollah Afshari Safavi (Assistant professor

 Morad Rahimi (Associate Professor
 Peyman Rahimi Fili (Assistant Professor
 Mostafa Razmjoo (Assistant Professor
 Ali Qashqai (Assistant Professor
 Mojtaba Goli Torbebar (Assistant Professor
 Ali Asghar Moghadam (Associate Professor
 Seyed Hossein Moaadab (Assistant Professor
 Zahra Nikoosefat (Assistant Professor

List of group experts and their contact number

 Mr. Borzou PaibarPei, Clinical Specialist, Call Number: 08338322971, Internal 403. Mr. Houshmand Farhadi,  Laboratory Expert, Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Call Number: 08338322971, Internal 413

Introducing the Department

The Department of Clinical Sciences was established in 2010. This department is in charge of the cooperation of faculty members specializing in various clinical sciences, in various educational, research and service departments of clinic clients. One of the duties of this department is teaching clinical sciences courses, including the principles of animal and intestinal examinations, domestic animal diseases, surgical and anesthetic principles, general animal surgery, general lactation surgery, motor organs diseases, poultry health , poultry diseases, poultry nutrition, obstetrics and livestock reproductive diseases, principles of selection and artificial insemination of animals, clinical pathology, and clinical practice lessons and internships in different parts of the department. At the same time as the department' s educational and research activities, it also earns money for the provision of healthcare services to clients.

List of Laboratories and Research Departments


 The clinic includes obstetrics, radiology, domestic livestock, small domestic animals, poultry and surgery

 Clinical Pathology Laboratory
 Animal home