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Introduction to the library

The library of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was reopened at the beginning of the Veterinary School in the second half of 1993 and the modern library complex in the new building has an approximate area of 250 square meters, including a study space for student and student brothers, reference departments and dissertations. Loan section and library site section.

Tasks and goals

Providing library services to the students, faculty and staff of the faculty in the field of specialized and general education and guidance of the clients to find the resources needed and currently the library's resources include 6,500 Persian and 1380 Latin books, 65 dissertations and 250 undergraduate projects.



Ms. Batul Ranjbar, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine's Research Expert, Contact Number: 08338320041- Internal 104


Ms. Afagh Salehi, Librarian of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Contact Number: 08338320041-Internal 104



Library view



Membership and Lending Conditions

Students will be included into the library for free by providing a student card and copying it and inserting the requested information, such as the address of the place of residence and the mobile phone, and can use the resources of the library's library and reference and desks, according to the rules.

Number, duration and terms of payment



Number of books allowed to borrow

Lending time

Undergraduate student

2 books

15 days

Masters student

4 books

20 days

Ph.D. student

6 books

One Month


12 books

One semester


2 books 

20 days

Paid Terms:The student will go to the library lending department to pay the bills and deliver the bills and make an initial settlement, and then refer to the central library for final settlement..