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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Razi University, began its activities in associates level of veterinary medicine as a veterinary College in 1992. The graduate baccalaureate of Veterinary Laboratory Sciences was established in 2002 at the Veterinary College. Finally, in 2007, it promoted to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Razi University by obtaining a license for admitting a Ph.D. students in veterinary medicine. In 2011, the last group of associate students of the Faculty and in 2013, the last group of undergraduate students was graduated. From 2013 to 2015, the faculty started to attract students only in the Ph.D. in general Veterinary Medicine, but again from 2015, a discontinued bachelor level of Veterinary Laboratory Sciences was established at the Faculty, and this process continues to this day.

Currently, educational facilities of the Faculty consist of 6 laboratories (biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology, microbiology and mycology, immunology and virology, parasitology, histology and pathology, health and quality control of food and aquaculture), specialized anatomical hall and a veterinary clinic (service, educational, and research). The departments of the Faculty are: Basic Sciences Department, Department of Pathobiology, Department of Health and Quality Control of Food and Aquaculture, and Department of Clinical Sciences. However, due to lack of academic staffing, currently only two departments of Basic Sciences and Pathobiology and Department of Clinical Sciences are functioning at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Currently, the faculty has 18 full time faculty members, from whom 3 are associate professors and 15 are assistant professors.

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