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Name of the Educational Deputy Dean


Yaser Shahbazi

Name of the Educational Deputy Dean*


Contact Number of the Educational Deputy Dean*  &

Email Address of the Educational Deputy Dean*

Shohada Square, Sheikh Toosi Blvd (Kayhan Shahr), Opposite Exposition Medicine Building, Resalat Crossroad, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Postal Code 6515685414

Corresponding address of the Educational Deputy Dean*

Dr. Yasser Shahbazi
Faculty Member of Department of Basic Sciences and Pathobiology
Academic Ranking: Associate Professor
Field of Study: Hygiene and Food Quality Control
Degree: DVM, DVSC
Phone: 38332806-
Postcode: 6715685414

Introducing the Educational Deputy Dean of the Faculty


Duties of the Educational Deputy Dean


Supervising the implementation of educational regulations and regulations approved at all levels

 Planning and setting policies and procedures for implementing the regulations of University' Educational Council

 Monitoring the internal evaluation of educational groups and departments

 Supervising the provision of service courses and tuition

Establishing relationship and coordinating with the relevant directors of the university's educational deputyfor the implementation of the regulations and approved educational guidelines.


Holding regular meetings of the educational council and postgraduate studies group and participation in educational meetings.

• Examining the need to launch new majors and minors in the faculty

• Implementing other duties assigned by the dean of the faculty