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Research Deputy Dean of the Faculty


Yaser Shahbazi

Name of the Research  Deputy Dean*

Research Deputy Dean of the Faculty


Contact Number of the Research Deputy Dean*

y.shahbazi@razi.ac.ir  yasser.shahbazi@yahoo.com

Email Address of the Research Deputy Dean*

Shohada Square, Sheikh Toosi Blvd (Kayhan Shahr), Opposite Exposition Medicine Building, Resalat Crossroad, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Postal Code 6515685414

Corresponding address of the Research Deputy Dean*

Dr. Yasser Shahbazi
Faculty Member of Department of Basic Sciences and Pathobiology
Academic Ranking: Associate Professor
Field of Study: Hygiene and Food Quality Control
Degree: DVM, DVSC
Phone: 083 38332806-
Postcode: 6715685414

Introducing the Research Deputy Dean of the Faculty


Duties of the Research Deputy Dean

Following the implementation of the rules and regulations of research and other duties of the university deputy dean inthe faculty, such as monitoring the implementation of research groups ‘ plans and efforts to resolve their problems, encouraging faculty members to write, translate and  author books and scientific and specialized articles to attract approved research budget, coordinating and communicating  with relevant industries and services to attract their research projects, and providing the basis for research contracts and providing the necessary facilities in this field (providing the necessary conditions for the relationship between the education departments with the organizations in various provinces), monitoring the appropriate implementation of contracts and plans, monitoring the implementation of seminars and  conferences ,supervising  suitable management of the faculty library and attempting to improve the quality and quantity of the existing resources,  monitoring upgrading of the faculty members' portal

Monitoring the promotion and of the faculty members

Monitoring the implementation of administrative and financial regulations and other administrative and financial affairs at the faculty. This includes examination and estimation of the required budget of the faculty in cooperation with the relevant faculty administrators according to the directions of the Office of Program and Budget of the University and monitoring the good implementation of the determined credits  of the faculty and its expending  according to the rules,  and supervision of how to collect and spend the special revenues of the faculty in accordance with the regulations, reviewing and estimating all the resources needed by the faculty, including hiring requirements, equipment, supervision and evaluation of the performance of non-faculty members of the faculty and the welfare and problems  of educational staff and faculty members and efforts to solve their problems and communicating with the welfare staff of the university, overseeing the regulation and presentation of circulars and internal guidelines of the faculty and presenting them to the dean of the faculty

Preparing and arranging the faculty's Research and Support  Affairs'  reports and presenting them to the dean of the faculty

 Co-ordination with the university‘s bureau Student Affairs to plan for the affairs, including: counseling, physical education, nutrition, transport, and extracurricular activities at the faculty.
Supervising and conducting cultural activities of students in cooperation with the university's  bureau of Cultural Affairs
 Monitoring other duties assigned by the head of the faculty